Web Hosting & IT
Every simple website, an extensive management system or any other online project requires a complete set of infrastructure solutions to operate. It is clear that having both programming and IT solution in one place provides better results. This is why we at Valigar do our best to provide high-quality cost-effective solutions to to provide a 1-stop-show solution to your project.

Within years of operation we have gained a lot of expertise in adjacent fields:

Websites hosting

Valigar manages 4 server farms of dedicated servers (VPS and VDS)  in following countries:

  • Israel
  • USA
  • Ireland (Amazon)
  • Germany

According to the project’s needs we can suggest and provide complete solution for the right website hosting solution including backups, servers security and more.

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Larger projects, with stronger data loads, special configurations, security issues or high bandwidth requirements, might require a dedicated server to perform better. The installation of your own VPS (virtual private server), also known as VDS (virtual dedicated server), or even your physical dedicated server is almost instant, and the management is transparent. This makes it to a very affordable investment in your project, taking its computing capacities, loads and penetration stability levels higher.

We specialize in Linux hosting – the one matching our expertise as a software company. By placing your server in Valigar’s server farms we assure the projects receive the proper attention on all levels of the project operation.

Contact us for more information about web hosting and pricing.

Domains hosting and management

Valigar operates as a registered reseller for most international and local Israeli domains registrars. We will be able to quickly purchase the required domain name, to host it on appropriate DNS servers and renew it once theregistration expires.


We provide complete solution for VoIP telephony, including the integration of Asterisk swichtboards, ordering the local IP numbers to and creating solutions for internal calls routing.


Considering the security needs from the first day can save lots of sometimes critical problems in the project. Several issues Valigar provides solutions to it’s projects are

  • purchasing SLL certificates
  • Creating security-wise structure of the project
  • Penetration and load tests


All these and many other abilities allow Valigar to provide its programming projects with the complete solution, covering all aspects to online project’s programming needs.

Contact us for more information about web hosting and pricing, and other IT-related solutions.

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