Project Description

Valigar CRM & ERP

Our Customer Relation Management (CRM) & Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system keeps growing and extending, with our experience. Thanks to the fact that the system is developed in-house, we are able to easily and effectively adjust it to the specific customer needs (unlike the standard CRM systems). The system serves very different companies: jewelry manufacturer, info-business project, large business portal, educational center in Jerusalem.

Some of system’s abilities:

Customers management:

  • Reach customizable set of social-demographic parameters
  • Search by any parameter in the system
  • Email list easy export
  • Customers groups support
  • Currency setup per customer

Products management:

  • Flexible catalogs system
  • Ability to dynamically add parameters to the products (!)
  • Templates system for complex products
  • Pictures additions for each product
  • Each picture automatically receives the name matching to the product name
  • automated HTML page creation for each product
  • HTML template management

Orders management

  • Adding products and categories to the orders, with live preview of the added product
  • Dynamic order statuses

Users management

  • Access permission according to the user group

Statistics module

  • Textual and graphic information
  • Direct link to the products from the statistics pages
  • Filtering and sorting by any search parameter