Project Description

SatAdmin – satellite websites management system

How can the advertising budget be lowered?

SatAdmin is the tool for active Search Engine Optimiation (SEO). SatAdmin allows centralized management of satellite websites, which aim is to support the progress of the main website in search engines results. Moreover, each of such websites can be targeted for specific keywords results and becomes a stand-alone point of presence for this specific keyword. By creating the net of satellites websites, pointing to the main website, it is considered more “reliable” by search engines, and it lowers sufficiently the pricing SEM.

Main features of the system are:

– Centered management of large amount of satellite websites

– Centralized management of participating websites

– Specific content can be placed at one click into more then one website

– SEO (Search Engines Optimization) adaptation

  • General SEO module of the website
  • META Data support for each web page

– Templates selection for each satellite website

– Google Analytics module

– Addition / editing / removing the satellites

  • including the one-click content update in all selected satellite websites
  • preview of the website before upload

– Content editing

  • Content pages
  • Website header, including the graphics
  • Website pages menu
  • Links
  • Bottom links
  • Banners
    • Pictures / SWF / Text
    • ALT text supported
    • Preview of the banners