VALIGAR is software house with different vision.

Each of our customers has something to teach us, and something to learn from us. On the meeting point of this mutual development comes the co-operation. From this mutual enrichment and interest arise the team’s creativeness and the uniqueness of the project.

We believe that the keystone of every project’s success is the strong team. By consolidating people with different knowledge and different skills and applying their efforts in one direction, new ideas and resources are generated.

Our team sees the participation in each project, both initiated inside the company or offered by our customers and potential partners, as an opportunity to apply our professionalism while creating new things and to enjoy the new co-operations.

Strong team means long-term relations. Thus we are always ready and willing to lead the project from the beginning to the maturity. We take each project as our own and provide the comprehensive long-term all-embracing “healthy” solution, with the vision of future project development in our minds.

We value time. Statistically, 95% of projects in the world are not finished in time. We do not aim to change these numbers. We just stay in the last 5%, in every thing we do.

One more thing. VALIGAR are professionals. Of course, we know PHP, MySQL, Flash, JavaScript, Ajax, Visual Basic, XHTML and more. The right project management and SEO. But that’s not all. We do it GOOD. Not just because it always pays out. This is our beliefe, that’s how we work.




*you’re welcome to enjoy moments of our inspiration


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