API integration
We at Valigar are experienced and quick-learners in many Application Programming Interfaces (API). These interfaces are introduced by large online systems to allow their easy integration into affiliates’ websites. We have successfully implemented lots of APIs from different fields. Following are some of them:

Social network websites

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google +
  • Twitter, Flickr, Thumblr and more
  • VKontakte – the Russia version of facebook

Online marketplaces

  • eBay.com – leading online marketplace
  • Amazon.com – leading online marketplace
  • Etsy.com – handmade products marketplace
  • Zap.co.il – Israeli prices comparison portal
  • Alibaba.com – online wholesale market
  • TaoBao.com – China largest online retail marketplace

and other marketplaces and trading services

Online payment systems

  • PayPal.com, Moneybookers.com and more international online payments systems
  • Tranzila.co.il, Invoice4U.co.il, Cardcom.co.il, CreditGuard.co.il and other Israeli payment systems

We have also successfully planned, developed and implemented proprietary API’s for our clients’ systems.

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