VDR as an Effective and Secure Business Platform

In the world of open data, where countries and business borders are merging, and business processes become more and more global, information protection is a very important problem. Skype, WhatsApp, Messengers in Facebook and other online communication tools makes connection between business partners instant. However, how secure are they?
No guarantees, no security features to set for additional data protection, yep? Meanwhile, a Virtual Data Room is an innovative online tool for data storage, sharing, communication with partners, project management and etc. A Virtual data room has become a multitasking business platform with a lot of business features in a very secure environment. What makes Virtual Data Rooms different from files exchange spaces? It is its security system along with its special set of security features. VDRs are used in many business segments, especially M&A deals. For sure such deals require a superb quality of data protection, as the information is very confidential and includes data on company’s assets, business results, rankings and other internal information. That`s why normally VDRs have a bank level of data protection and access policy. Special International Security Institutions grant their certificates to the most reliable and protected VDR`s providers, based on a very precise research and clients reviews.

A good VDR should have next security features:

– A protected and sophisticated system of account accessing: permanent password and changing one, generated by SMS codes.
– Role-based project managements, limitations for specific users and specific documents.
– IP access and time limitations.
– Possibility to put different passwords for the most valuable documents and folders
– A very strong anti-virus protection (it is better to have a combination of anti-virus programs).
– Possibility to put dynamic watermarks on documents with information about data source.
– Possibility to block a print screen button.
– Information encryption.
– 8-levels documents permission policy
– Etc.

If we have a look at VDRs providers and check those, who can offer all these options for clients` data protection, iDeals will be the first choice. The company has different security certificates and can offer all of the above mentioned features, including the unique on the market ones, such as a special fence view for any type of documents. VDRs from iDeals have also a very rich set of business features for project management like:

– Communication tools, from a private chat to online conferences and Q&A sessions with a unique option of documents linking.
– Project management tools with users roles appointment, activities tracking, project stages planning, and etc.
– Analytics. Files and users statistics.
– A unique on the market integration of MS Office.
– A very user-friendly and secure mobile version.
– 24/7 multilingual support.

So, to run business online in a secure way, a reliable and rich in features VDR is a must have today.